libgdamm: Gnome::Gda::Value Class Reference

Use value_type() to identify the value type at runtime. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Value ()
 Value (const GValue* castitem)
 Value (const Value& src)
Valueoperator= (const Value& src)
 ~Value ()
 Value (const guchar* val, long size)
 Value (const GdaBlob* val)
 Value (bool val)
 Value (const Glib::Date& val)
 Value (const GeometricPoint& val)
 Value (int val)
 Value (const Numeric& val)
 Value (double val)
 Value (float val)
 Value (gshort val)
 Value (gushort val)
 Value (gulong val)
 Value (const Glib::ustring& val)
 Value (const char* val)
 Value (const Time& val)
 Value (const Timestamp& val)
 Value (gchar val)
 Value (guchar val)
 Value (guint val)
 Value (const Glib::ustring& as_string, GType type)
bool operator== (const Value& src) const
bool operator!= (const Value& src) const
GType get_value_type () const
bool is_null () const
void set_null ()
bool is_number () const
gint64 get_int64 () const
void set_int64 (gint64 val)
guint64 get_uint64 () const
void set_uint64 (guint64 val)
const guchar* get_binary (long&size) const
void set (const guchar* val, long size)
const GdaBlob* get_blob () const
void set (const GdaBlob* val)
bool get_boolean () const
void set (bool val)
Glib::Date get_date () const
void set (const Glib::Date& val)
double get_double () const
void set (double val)
 Use set_double(). More...

void set_double (double val)
GeometricPoint get_geometric_point () const
void set (const GeometricPoint& val)
Glib::RefPtr< const Glib::Objectget_gobject ()
void set (const Glib::RefPtr< Glib::Object >& val)
int get_int () const
void set (int val)
Numeric get_numeric () const
void set (const Numeric& val)
float get_float () const
void set (float val)
 Use set_float(). More...

void set_float (float val)
gshort get_short () const
void set (gshort val)
gushort get_ushort () const
void set (gushort val)
glong get_long () const
void set (glong val)
gulong get_ulong () const
void set (gulong val)
Glib::ustring get_string () const
void set (const Glib::ustring& val)
void set (const char* val)
Time get_time () const
void set (const Time& val)
Timestamp get_timestamp () const
void set (const Timestamp& val)
void set (gchar val)
void set (guchar val)
guint get_uint () const
void set (guint val)
GType get_g_type () const
void set_g_type (GType val)
Glib::ustring to_string () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Glib::ValueBase
 ValueBase ()
 ValueBase (const ValueBase &other)
ValueBaseoperator= (const ValueBase &other)
 ~ValueBase () noexcept
void init (GType type)
void init (const GValue *value)
void reset ()
GValue * gobj ()
const GValue * gobj () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Value create_as_int64 (gint64 val)
static Value create_as_uint64 (guint64 val)
static Value create_as_double (double val)
static Value create_as_float (float val)
static Value create_as_time_t (time_t val)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Glib::ValueBase
GValue gobject_

Detailed Description

Use value_type() to identify the value type at runtime.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( )
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( const GValue *  castitem)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( const Value src)
Gnome::Gda::Value::~Value ( )
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( const guchar *  val,
long  size 
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( const GdaBlob *  val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( bool  val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( const Glib::Date val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( const GeometricPoint val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( int  val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( const Numeric val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( double  val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( float  val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( gshort  val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( gushort  val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( gulong  val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( const Glib::ustring val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( const char *  val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( const Time val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( const Timestamp val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( gchar  val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( guchar  val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( guint  val)
Gnome::Gda::Value::Value ( const Glib::ustring as_string,
GType  type 

Member Function Documentation

static Value Gnome::Gda::Value::create_as_double ( double  val)
static Value Gnome::Gda::Value::create_as_float ( float  val)
static Value Gnome::Gda::Value::create_as_int64 ( gint64  val)
static Value Gnome::Gda::Value::create_as_time_t ( time_t  val)
static Value Gnome::Gda::Value::create_as_uint64 ( guint64  val)
const guchar* Gnome::Gda::Value::get_binary ( long &  size) const
const GdaBlob* Gnome::Gda::Value::get_blob ( ) const
bool Gnome::Gda::Value::get_boolean ( ) const
Glib::Date Gnome::Gda::Value::get_date ( ) const
double Gnome::Gda::Value::get_double ( ) const
float Gnome::Gda::Value::get_float ( ) const
GType Gnome::Gda::Value::get_g_type ( ) const
GeometricPoint Gnome::Gda::Value::get_geometric_point ( ) const
Glib::RefPtr<const Glib::Object> Gnome::Gda::Value::get_gobject ( )
int Gnome::Gda::Value::get_int ( ) const
gint64 Gnome::Gda::Value::get_int64 ( ) const
glong Gnome::Gda::Value::get_long ( ) const
Numeric Gnome::Gda::Value::get_numeric ( ) const
gshort Gnome::Gda::Value::get_short ( ) const
Glib::ustring Gnome::Gda::Value::get_string ( ) const
Time Gnome::Gda::Value::get_time ( ) const
Timestamp Gnome::Gda::Value::get_timestamp ( ) const
guint Gnome::Gda::Value::get_uint ( ) const
guint64 Gnome::Gda::Value::get_uint64 ( ) const
gulong Gnome::Gda::Value::get_ulong ( ) const
gushort Gnome::Gda::Value::get_ushort ( ) const
GType Gnome::Gda::Value::get_value_type ( ) const
bool Gnome::Gda::Value::is_null ( ) const
bool Gnome::Gda::Value::is_number ( ) const
bool Gnome::Gda::Value::operator!= ( const Value src) const
Value& Gnome::Gda::Value::operator= ( const Value src)
bool Gnome::Gda::Value::operator== ( const Value src) const
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( const guchar *  val,
long  size 
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( const GdaBlob *  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( bool  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( const Glib::Date val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( double  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( const GeometricPoint val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( const Glib::RefPtr< Glib::Object > &  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( int  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( const Numeric val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( float  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( gshort  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( gushort  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( glong  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( gulong  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( const Glib::ustring val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( const char *  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( const Time val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( const Timestamp val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( gchar  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( guchar  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set ( guint  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set_double ( double  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set_float ( float  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set_g_type ( GType  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set_int64 ( gint64  val)
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set_null ( )
void Gnome::Gda::Value::set_uint64 ( guint64  val)
Glib::ustring Gnome::Gda::Value::to_string ( ) const

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