libgdamm: Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CBatchMultiple SQL statements grouped together
 CBlobThis object is a base class for individual database providers which support BLOB types
 CBlobOpBlobs handling
 CColumnManagement of DataModel column attributes
 CConfigConfiguration — Access/Management of libgda configuration
 CConnectionManages a connection to a data source
 CConnectionErrorException class for Gda connection errors
 CConnectionEventAny event which has occurred on a Gda::Connection
 CDataAccessWrapperOffers random access on top of a cursor-only access data model
 CDataComparatorSimple data model's contents comparison
 CDataHandlerBase class which provides data handling capabilities
 CDataModelAbstract DataModel (Base class for all DataModels)
 CDataModelArrayAn implementation of DataModel based on an array
 CDataModelErrorException class for Gda connection errors
 CDataModelImportImporting data from a string or a file
 CDataModelIterData model iterator
 CDataProxyProxy to hold modifications for any DataModel, providing the DataModel interface itself
 CDataSelectData models returned by the execution of a SELECT statement
 CHandlerBinDefault handler for binary values
 CHandlerBooleanDefault Handler for booleans
 CHandlerNumericalDefault handler for numeric values
 CHandlerStringDefault handler for strings
 CHandlerTimeDefault handler for time, date and timestamp
 CHandlerTypeDefault handler for GType values
 CHolderContainer for a single Gda::Value
 CMetaStoreDictionary object
 CMetaStructIn-memory representation of some database objects
 CMetaStructErrorException class for Gda MetaStruct errors
 CQuarkListManages lists of KEY=VALUE pairs
 CRowRow for a Gda::DataModelArray object
 CServerOperationHandles any DDL query in an abstract way
 CServerProviderBase class for all the DBMS providers
 CSetContainer for several values
 CSqlBuilderSqlBuilder can be used to build a Statement from its structural description, much in the same way a SqlParser can be used to build a Statement from a SQL string
 CSqlExprThis contains any expression, either as a value, a variable, or as other types of expressions
 CSqlParserSQL parser
 CSqlStatementEvery SQL statement can be decomposed in the SqlStatement tree structure
 CStatementSingle SQL statement
 CTransactionStatusKeeps track of the transactional status of a connection
 CValueUse value_type() to identify the value type at runtime
 CXaTransactionDistributed transaction manager