gtkmm: Gtk::PadActionEntry Class Reference

Class defining a pad action entry. More...

#include <gtkmm/padactionentry.h>

Public Member Functions

 PadActionEntry ()
 PadActionEntry (PadActionType type, int index, int mode, const Glib::ustring& label, const Glib::ustring& action_name)
 Construct a new PadActionEntry. More...

 PadActionEntry (const PadActionEntry& src)
PadActionEntryoperator= (const PadActionEntry& src)
 PadActionEntry (PadActionEntry&& other) noexcept
PadActionEntryoperator= (PadActionEntry&& other) noexcept
virtual ~PadActionEntry ()
PadActionType get_type () const
void set_type (const PadActionType& value)
int get_index () const
void set_index (const int& value)
int get_mode () const
void set_mode (const int& value)
Glib::ustring get_label () const
void set_label (const Glib::ustring& value)
Glib::ustring get_action_name () const
void set_action_name (const Glib::ustring& value)
GtkPadActionEntry* gobj ()
const GtkPadActionEntry* gobj () const

Protected Attributes

GtkPadActionEntry* gobject_

Detailed Description

Class defining a pad action entry.

See also
Since gtkmm 3.96:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gtk::PadActionEntry::PadActionEntry ( )
Gtk::PadActionEntry::PadActionEntry ( PadActionType  type,
int  index,
int  mode,
const Glib::ustring label,
const Glib::ustring action_name 

Construct a new PadActionEntry.

typeThe type of pad feature that will trigger this action.
indexThe 0-indexed button/ring/strip number that will trigger this action.
modeThe mode that will trigger this action, or -1 for all modes.
labelHuman readable description of this action, this string should be deemed user-visible.
action_nameAction name that will be activated in the Gio::ActionGroup.
Gtk::PadActionEntry::PadActionEntry ( const PadActionEntry src)
Gtk::PadActionEntry::PadActionEntry ( PadActionEntry&&  other)
virtual Gtk::PadActionEntry::~PadActionEntry ( )

Member Function Documentation

Glib::ustring Gtk::PadActionEntry::get_action_name ( ) const
int Gtk::PadActionEntry::get_index ( ) const
Glib::ustring Gtk::PadActionEntry::get_label ( ) const
int Gtk::PadActionEntry::get_mode ( ) const
PadActionType Gtk::PadActionEntry::get_type ( ) const
GtkPadActionEntry* Gtk::PadActionEntry::gobj ( )
const GtkPadActionEntry* Gtk::PadActionEntry::gobj ( ) const
PadActionEntry& Gtk::PadActionEntry::operator= ( const PadActionEntry src)
PadActionEntry& Gtk::PadActionEntry::operator= ( PadActionEntry&&  other)
void Gtk::PadActionEntry::set_action_name ( const Glib::ustring value)
void Gtk::PadActionEntry::set_index ( const int &  value)
void Gtk::PadActionEntry::set_label ( const Glib::ustring value)
void Gtk::PadActionEntry::set_mode ( const int &  value)
void Gtk::PadActionEntry::set_type ( const PadActionType value)

Member Data Documentation

GtkPadActionEntry* Gtk::PadActionEntry::gobject_