gtkmm: Gdk::PixbufError Class Reference

Exception class for Gdk::Pixbuf errors. More...

#include <gdkmm/pixbuf.h>

Inheritance diagram for Gdk::PixbufError:

Public Types

enum  Code {








 An error code in the GDK_PIXBUF_ERROR domain. More...


Public Member Functions

 PixbufError (Code error_code, const Glib::ustring& error_message)
 PixbufError (GError* gobject)
Code code () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Glib::Error
 Error ()
 Error (GQuark error_domain, int error_code, const Glib::ustring &message)
 Error (GError *gobject, bool take_copy=false)
 Error (const Error &other)
Erroroperator= (const Error &other)
 ~Error () noexcept override
 operator bool () const
GQuark domain () const
int code () const
const char * what () const noexcept override
bool matches (GQuark error_domain, int error_code) const
GError * gobj ()
const GError * gobj () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Glib::Error
GError * gobject_

Detailed Description

Exception class for Gdk::Pixbuf errors.

Member Enumeration Documentation

An error code in the GDK_PIXBUF_ERROR domain.

Many gdk-pixbuf operations can cause errors in this domain, or in the G_FILE_ERROR domain.


An image file was broken somehow.


Not enough memory.


A bad option was passed to a pixbuf save module.


Unknown image type.


Don't know how to perform the given operation on the type of image at hand.


Generic failure code, something went wrong.


Only part of the animation was loaded.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gdk::PixbufError::PixbufError ( Code  error_code,
const Glib::ustring error_message 
Gdk::PixbufError::PixbufError ( GError *  gobject)

Member Function Documentation

Code Gdk::PixbufError::code ( ) const