gtkmm: Gtk::TreeModelColumnRecord Class Reference

Typedefed as TreeModel::ColumnRecord. More...

#include <gtkmm/treemodelcolumn.h>

Inheritance diagram for Gtk::TreeModelColumnRecord:

Public Member Functions

 TreeModelColumnRecord ()
virtual ~TreeModelColumnRecord () noexcept
void add (TreeModelColumnBase& column)
 Adds a TreeModelColumn to this record. More...

unsigned int size () const
const GType* types () const

Detailed Description

Typedefed as TreeModel::ColumnRecord.

Keeps a record of TreeModelColumns.

ColumnRecord objects are used to setup a new instance of a TreeModel (or rather, a new instance of an implementation of the model, such as Gtk::ListStore or Gtk::TreeStore). It is convenient to do that by deriving from TreeModel::ColumnRecord:

class MyModelColumns : public Gtk::TreeModel::ColumnRecord
MyModelColumns() { add(filename); add(description); add(thumbnail); }

Whether or not you derive your own ColumnRecord, you need to add the TreeModelColumns to the ColumnRecord with the add() method.

A ColumnRecord instance, such as an instance of MyModelColumns should then be passed to ListStore::create() or TreeStore::create(). The TreeModelColumns, such as the members filename, description and thumbnail can then be used with Gtk::TreeRow::operator[]() to specify the column you're interested in.

Neither TreeModel::ColumnRecord nor the TreeModelColumns contain any real data – they merely describe what C++ type is stored in which column of a TreeModel, and save you from having to repeat that type information in several places.

Thus TreeModel::ColumnRecord can be made a singleton (as long as you make sure it's instantiated after Gtk::Main), even when creating multiple models from it.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gtk::TreeModelColumnRecord::TreeModelColumnRecord ( )
virtual Gtk::TreeModelColumnRecord::~TreeModelColumnRecord ( )

Member Function Documentation

void Gtk::TreeModelColumnRecord::add ( TreeModelColumnBase column)

Adds a TreeModelColumn to this record.

add() not only registers the column, but also assigns a column index to it. Once registered, the TreeModelColumn is final, and you're free to pass it around by value.

unsigned int Gtk::TreeModelColumnRecord::size ( ) const
const GType* Gtk::TreeModelColumnRecord::types ( ) const