glibmm: Modules

Here is a list of all modules:
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 Base64 routinesBase64 encoding/decoding routines
 Character Set ConversionUtility functions for converting strings between different character sets
 D-Bus APIAPI to use D-Bus services as a client or to implement a D-Bus service
 File UtilitiesVarious file-related classes and functions
 Generic ValuesGlib::Value<> is specialized for almost any type used within the glibmm and gtkmm libraries
 Generic container converters
 Helper classes
 Glob-style Pattern MatchingMatch strings against patterns containing '*' (wildcard) and '?' (joker)
 Miscellaneous Utility FunctionsMiscellaneous Utility Functions – a selection of portable utility functions
 Platform-specific content typingA content type is a platform specific string that defines the type of a file
 Portable Network I/O Functionality
 Random NumbersPseudo random number generator
 Shell-related UtilitiesShell-like command line handling
 Simple XML Subset ParserThe Glib::Markup parser is intended to parse a simple markup format that's a subset of XML
 Spawning ProcessesProcess launching with fork()/exec()
 Stream Classes
 String Utility FunctionsThis section describes a number of utility functions for creating and manipulating strings, as well as other string-related stuff
 The Main Event LoopManages all available sources of events
 URI UtilitiesVarious uri-related functions
 Unicode ManipulationFunctions operating on Unicode characters and UTF-8 strings
 Variant Data TypesThe Variant classes deal with strongly typed variant data
 giomm Enums and Flags
 glibmm Enums and Flags