Part VI. Clutter Tools

Table of Contents

General purpose API
Colors — Color management and manipulation.
Key Bindings — Pool for key bindings
ClutterDeviceManager — Maintains the list of input devices
Events — User and window system events
Features — Run-time detection of Clutter features
Base geometric types — Common geometric data types used by Clutter
ClutterInputDevice — An input device managed by Clutter
General — Various 'global' Clutter functions.
ClutterPath — An object describing a path with straight lines and bezier curves.
ClutterSettings — Settings configuration
Stage Manager — Maintains the list of stages
ClutterTextBuffer — Text buffer for ClutterText
Unit conversion — A logical distance unit
Cairo integration — Functions for interoperating with Cairo
Utilities — Utility functions
Versioning Macros — Versioning utility macros
User interface definition
ClutterScript — Loads a scene from UI definition data
ClutterScriptable — Override the UI definition parsing
Generic list model
ClutterModel — A generic model implementation
ClutterModelIter — Iterates through a model
ClutterListModel — List model implementation