This section contains information on reporting bugs about this website and requesting for new documents to be added.

If you have found a bug on this website, please report it! Developers do read all the bug reports and try to fix these bugs. Please try to be as specific as possible when describing the circumstances under which the bug shows (what was the URL?, which browser are you using?, do you have cookies enabled?). If there were any error messages, be sure to include them, too.

You can submit bugs and browse the list of known bugs by connecting to the GNOME bug tracking database. You will need to register before you can submit any bugs this way — and do not forget to read Bug Writing Guidelines.

GNOME Library bugs are filed under Infrastructure/library-web.

3.1. Requesting for a documentation to be added has support for both gnome-doc-utils (manuals) and gtk-doc (references) as well as some minimalistic support for straight passing of HTML files through XSL stylesheets. It can also display links to resource available on other websites.

Modules that are part of the GNOME JHBuild modulesets, as published by the release team, are automatically added to the library. For other modules you have to file a GNOME Library bug under Infrastructure/library-web.

Please note only operates on tarballs, there is no support for documents that are only available through a revision control system, so the first thing is to make sure when requesting for a new document to be added is that a tarball is available. It also has some special support for tarballs hosted on and will automatically pick up new versions.