org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Checkpoint — Configuration and State Snapshot


PropertiesChanged (a{sv} properties);


Devices          readable   ao
Created          readable   x
RollbackTimeout  readable   u


A snapshot of NetworkManager state for a given device list

Signal Details

The "PropertiesChanged" signal

PropertiesChanged (a{sv} properties);

DEPRECATED. Use the standard "PropertiesChanged" signal from "org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties" instead which exists since version NetworkManager 1.2.0.

a{sv} properties:

A dictionary mapping property names to variant boxed values

Property Details

The "Devices" property

Devices  readable   ao

Array of object paths for devices which are part of this checkpoint.

The "Created" property

Created  readable   x

The timestamp (in CLOCK_BOOTTIME milliseconds) of checkpoint creation.

The "RollbackTimeout" property

RollbackTimeout  readable   u

Timeout in seconds for automatic rollback, or zero.