Documentation for Seed 3.8.1 . The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at

I. Seed Overview
Introduction — What Seed is all about
Compiling Seed — How to compile Seed itself
Contact Information — Where to find help, ask questions, or bring patches
II. Seed JavaScript Reference
Importer — Importing gobject-introspection namespaces, native modules, and JavaScript modules
III. Seed API Reference
Initialization — Overall setup of the Seed engine
Working with Contexts — Self-contained JavaScript execution environments
Evaluating JavaScript — Creating and interpreting scripts
Exception Handling — Throwing and catching exceptions
GObject Signals — Connecting JavaScript functions to signals
Values and Type Conversion
Type Conversion — Moving between JavaScript and C intrinsic types
Operating on JavaScript types — Determining the type of a SeedValue
Working with JavaScript objects — Using properties, constructing objects, etc.
Creating native functions — C functions as first-class JavaScript objects
Creating JavaScript classes — Dealing with Seed class definitions and constructors
Using JavaScript closures — Creating and invoking closures over JavaScript functions using GClosure
Seed Modules — Native C modules for Seed
IV. Seed Module Reference