for libtracker-miner 2.0.1 . The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at .

I. Overview
Compiling applications
II. Reference
Base abstract miner classes
Enumerations — Common enumerations
TrackerMiner — Abstract base class for data miners
TrackerMinerOnline — Abstract base class for miners connecting to online resources
TrackerDataProvider — Provide data to be indexed
TrackerIndexingTree — Indexing tree handling
Miner classes for file system
TrackerMinerFS — Abstract base class for filesystem miners
TrackerFileDataProvider — File based data provider for file:// descendant URIs
TrackerDecoratorFS — Filesystem implementation for TrackerDecorator
DBus helpers
TrackerDecorator — A miner tasked with listening for DB resource changes and extracting metadata
TrackerMinerProxy — Proxies a TrackerMiner on DBus
Migrating from libtracker-miner 1.x to 2.0
TrackerMiner instances do not implement org.freedesktop.Tracker1.Miner
No TrackerEnumerator
No tracker_miner_fs_get_parent_urn()
No tracker_miner_fs_force_recheck()
No tracker_miner_fs_force_recheck() or tracker_miner_fs_force_mtime_checking()
No tracker_miner_fs_check_directory*()
No tracker_miner_fs_writeback_notify() and tracker_miner_fs_file_notify()
Annotation Glossary