for libpeas 1.22.0 and libpeas-gtk 1.22.0

I. API Reference
Core Classes
PeasEngine — Engine at the heart of the Peas plugin system.
PeasPluginInfo — Information about a plugin.
PeasExtension — Proxy for extensions.
PeasExtensionSet — Proxy for a set of extensions of the same type.
PeasExtensionBase — Base class for C extensions.
PeasObjectModule — Type module which allows extension registration.
Gtk+ Widgets
PeasGtkPluginManager — Management GUI for plugins.
PeasGtkPluginManagerView — Management tree view for plugins.
Built-in Extension Interfaces
PeasActivatable — Interface for activatable plugins.
PeasGtkConfigurable — Interface for providing a plugin configuration UI.
Index of deprecated symbols
Index of new symbols in 1.2
Index of new symbols in 1.4
Index of new symbols in 1.6
Index of new symbols in 1.14
Index of new symbols in 1.18
Annotation Glossary