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The Easy Publish and Consume library provides an easy method to:

  • publish data per HTTPS
  • announce that information via DNS-SD
  • find that information
  • and finally consume it

You can use this library as key/value store published to the network, using encryption, authentication and service discovery.

EpcConsumer — lookup published values
EpcProtocol — transport protocols
EpcAuthContext — manage authentication
EpcContents — custom contents
EpcPublisher — easily publish values
DNS-SD Support
EpcDispatcher — publish DNS-SD services
EpcServiceInfo — DNS-SD service descriptions
EpcServiceMonitor — find DNS-SD services
EpcServiceType — service type details
EpcPasswordDialog — common password dialog
EpcProgressWindow — provide feedback during lengthly operations
Internal API
EpcShell — library management functions
EpcTls — TLS support