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libanjuta is Anjuta IDE framework for developing Anjuta plugins.

Anjuta Architecture
Writing plugins
Hello world plugin description, icon and UI files
Hello world plugin
Hello world advanced plugin
Build setup
Plugin description file
New Project Wizard format
Wizard header
Wizard pages
Wizard content
Wizard actions
libanjuta API
AnjutaShell — Application shell interface
AnjutaPreferences — Anjuta Preferences system.
AnjutaPreferencesDialog — Preferences dialog
AnjutaUI — User Interface manager
AnjutaStatus — Program status such as status message, progress etc.
AnjutaPlugin — Anjuta plugin base class from which all plugins are derived.
AnjutaPluginDescription — Plugin description from .plugin file
AnjutaPluginHandle — Handle used by plugin manager to keep track of plugins.
AnjutaPluginManager — Plugins management and activation
AnjutaProfile — Profile is a collection of plugins
AnjutaProfileManager — Managers a stack of plugins profiles
AnjutaLauncher — External process launcher with async input/output
AnjutaSavePrompt — Save dialog prompt for unsaved data
AnjutaSerializer — Data serializer
AnjutaSession — Store local user settings
Utilities — Utility functions
Program resources — Application resource management
Debugging — Debug functions
AnjutaCommand — System for creating objects that provide a standard interface to external components (libraries, processes, etc.)
AnjutaSyncCommandAnjutaCommand subclass that serves as the base for commands that run synchronously.
AnjutaAsyncCommandAnjutaCommand subclass that serves as the base for commands that need to run in another thread.
AnjutaAsyncNotify — Mechanism used by interfaces that run asynchronously to notify clients of finished tasks and to report errors.
AnjutaAutogen — Template engine using GNU autogen program.
AnjutaCommandBar — Widget that lays out commands in a vertical row of buttons and frames.
AnjutaCommandQueueAnjutaCommandQueue is used to queue commands
AnjutaDockPaneWrapper class for AnjutaDock panes
AnjutaEntryGtkEntry subclass that displays help text with a button to clear the entry's contents.
AnjutaPkgScanner — Scan files contained by a library using pkg-config
Anjuta project — Anjuta project
AnjutaTabber — Tab widget
Anjuta token — Anjuta token
Anjuta token stream — Anjuta token stream
libanjuta internal API
AnjutaCPluginFactory — Anjuta C plugin factory
AnjutaCModule — Anjuta C module
ESplash — Splash screen
Plugin interfaces
IAnjutaBuildableImplemented by plugins that can build. This interface will be replaced by IAnjutaBuilder (for build functions) and IAnjutaEnvironment for ianjuta_buildable_set_command, ianjuta_buildable_reset_command and ianjuta_buildable_get_command.
IAnjutaBuilder — Implemented by plugins that can build
IAnjutaDebugger — Debugger interface
IAnjutaDebuggerBreakpoint — Breakpoint Debugger interface
IAnjutaDebuggerInstruction — Debugger interface for machine instruction
IAnjutaDebuggerMemory — Memory interface for debuggers
IAnjutaDebuggerRegister — Register interface for debuggers
IAnjutaDebuggerVariable — Variables interface for debuggers
IAnjutaDebugManager — Common graphical interface to all debugger
IAnjutaDocument — Interface for all kind of editable resources that will be managed by IAnjutaDocumentManager
IAnjutaDocumentManager — Interface for plugin that manages all the editors
IAnjutaEditor — Text editor interface
IAnjutaEditorAssist — Text editor assist interface
IAnjutaEditorCell — Text editor character cell
IAnjutaEditorCellStyle — Text editor cell style interface
IAnjutaEditorComment — Text editor comment interface
IAnjutaEditorConvert — Text editor convert interface
IAnjutaEditorFactory — Text editor factory that creates IAnjutaEditor objects
IAnjutaEditorFolds — Text editor folds inteface
IAnjutaEditorGladeSignal — Interface for dropping signal handlers
IAnjutaEditorGoto — Text editor navigation interface
IAnjutaEditorHover — Text editor hover interface
IAnjutaEditorLanguage — Text editor language interface
IAnjutaEditorLineMode — Text editor line mode
IAnjutaEditorSearch — Text editor search interface
IAnjutaEditorSelection — Text editor selection interface
IAnjutaEditorTip — Editor call tips assistance framework
IAnjutaEditorView — Text editor view interface
IAnjutaEditorZoom — Text editor zoom interface
IAnjutaEnvironment — Implemented by plugins doing cross compilation
IAnjutaFile — Implemented by plugins that can open files.
IAnjutaFileLoader — Loader to load files
IAnjutaFileManager — File manager plugin
IAnjutaFileSavable — Implemented by plugins that can save files.
IAnjutaHelp — Implemented by plugins that can provide help support
IAnjutaIndenter — Interface for automatic indentation
IAnjutaIndicable — Implemented by indicate that indicate a range
IAnjutaIterable — Implemented by objects that can iterate
IAnjutaIterableTree — Implemented by tree objects that can iterate
IAnjutaLanguage — Interface to manage multiple programming languages
IAnjutaLanguageProvider — Provider for autocompletion features
IAnjutaLoader — Interface to load file or stream
IAnjutaMarkable — Implemented by editors (or views) with markers support
IAnjutaMessageManager — The plugin that managers all message views
IAnjutaMessageView — A view where messages of different kind can be shown
IAnjutaPluginFactory — Create Anjuta plugin objects
IAnjutaPreferences — Preferences interface
IAnjutaPrint — Print interface
IAnjutaProject — Interface implemented by project backend
IAnjutaProjectManager — Interface for project managers
IAnjutaProjectChooser — Interface for selecting project node
IAnjutaProjectBackend — Interface for creating new project
IAnjutaProvider — Provider for autocompletion features
IAnjutaSnippetsManager — Snippets Manager interface
IAnjutaStream — Implemented by plugins that can open file streams
IAnjutaStreamLoader — Loader to load streams
IAnjutaStreamSavable — Implemented by plugins that can save file streams
IAnjutaSymbol — Source code symbol interface
IAnjutaSymbolQuery — Source code symbol query interface
IAnjutaSymbolManager — Source code symbols manager inteface
IAnjutaTerminal — Interface for command line terminals
IAnjutaTodo — Task manager interface
IAnjutaVcs — Version control system interface
IAnjutaWizard — Interface for wizards that can create new stuffs
Object Hierarchy