In-app notifications

In-app notifications are information popups which can be displayed inside an application. They include a label which describes an event that has happened, and can also include a button that allows the user to respond. They are always transient and user dismissable.

When to use

In-app notifications can be used to inform users about events that are immediately relevant to their activity in an application, but which don't have long-term interest. One common use is to provide feedback in response to user actions, while the application is being used. This contrasts with standard notifications, which provide system-wide alerts, and which persist after the notification has been initially displayed.

Allowing the user to undo a destructive action is an example of a good use of in-app notifications: the notification is shown immediately after a user action, and is shown in the most relevant context.

In-app notifications are not a good solution for communicating ongoing states.


  • It isn't always necessary to include an action button in an in-app notification: only include one if it is directly related to the event and is generally useful.

  • Don't distract with unnecessary in-app notifications, and be careful not to overuse them: they can be annoying if they pop up frequently.

  • Only one in-app notification can be displayed at a time, and new instances should replace existing ones.