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GUPnPDIDLLiteParser — A/V DIDL-Lite XML parser
GUPnPDIDLLiteObject — DIDL-Lite Object
GUPnPDIDLLiteContainer — DIDL-Lite Container
GUPnPDIDLLiteItem — DIDL-Lite Item
GUPnPDIDLLiteWriter — DIDL-Lite fragment writer
GUPnPDIDLLiteResource — DIDL-Lite Resource
GUPnPDIDLLiteDescriptor — DIDL-Lite Descriptor
GUPnPDIDLLiteContributor — DIDL-Lite Contributor
GUPnPDIDLLiteCreateClass — DIDL-Lite CreateClass
GUPnPLastChangeParser — A/V LastChange event XML parser
GUPnPCDSLastChangeParser — LastChange parser for the format used in CDS:3
GUPnPSearchCriteriaParser — A/V search criteria parser
GUPnPProtocolInfo — UPnP AV ProtocolInfo
GUPnPFeature — ContentDirectory feature
GUPnPFeatureListParser — FeatureList state variable XML parser
GUPnPMediaCollection — Media collection writer
Error Codes
Error codes — Error domains and codes.
Annotation Glossary