gtkmm: Gdk Namespace Reference




class  AppLaunchContext
 This is an implementation of Gio::AppLaunchContext that handles launching an application in a graphical context. More...

class  CairoContext
 Cairo draw context. More...

class  Clipboard
 Share data between applications for Copy-and-Paste. More...

class  ContentFormats
 Advertising and negotiating of content exchange formats. More...

class  ContentFormatsBuilder
 Helper class for building Gdk::ContentFormats. More...

class  ContentProvider
 Provides content for data transfer between applications. More...

class  Cursor
 This represents a cursor. More...

class  Device
 A Gdk::Device instance contains a detailed description of an extended input device. More...

class  DevicePad
 Pad device interface. More...

class  DeviceTool
 A physical tool associated to a Gdk::Device. More...

class  DeviceWithPad
 A Gdk::DeviceWithPad is a Gdk::Device that implements the Gdk::DevicePad interface. More...

class  Display
 Gdk::Display object's purpose is two fold: To grab/ungrab keyboard focus and mouse pointer To manage and provide information about the Gdk::Monitor(s) available for this Gdk::Display. More...

class  DisplayManager
 The purpose of the GdkDisplayManager singleton object is to offer notification when displays appear or disappear or the default display changes. More...

class  Drag
 A Gdk::Drag holds information about a drag in progress. More...

class  DragSurface
 Interface for drag surface surfaces. More...

class  DragSurfaceImpl
 Gdk::DragSurfaceImpl is a Gdk::Surface that implements the Gdk::DragSurface interface. More...

class  DrawContext
 Drawing context base class. More...

class  Drop
 A Gdk::Drop holds information about a drag in progress. More...

class  Event
 Functions for handling events from the window system. More...

class  FrameClock
 Synchronizes painting to a surface. More...

class  FrameTimings
 Object holding timing information for a single frame. More...

class  GLContext
 A Gdk::GLContext is an OpenGL context abstraction. More...

class  GLError
class  GLTexture
 A Gdk::Texture representing a GL texture object. More...

class  MemoryTexture
 A Gdk::Texture representing image data in memory. More...

class  Monitor
 Object representing an output. More...

class  Paintable
 An interface for a paintable region. More...

class  Pixbuf
class  PixbufAnimation
 The gdk-pixbuf library provides a simple mechanism to load and represent animations. More...

class  PixbufAnimationIter
 An iterator which points to a certain position in a PixbufAnimation. More...

class  PixbufError
 Exception class for Gdk::Pixbuf errors. More...

class  PixbufFormat
class  PixbufLoader
class  Popup
 Interface for popup surfaces. More...

class  PopupLayout
 Information for presenting popups. More...

class  PopupSurfaceImpl
 Gdk::PopupSurfaceImpl is a Gdk::Surface that implements the Gdk::Popup interface. More...

class  Rectangle
 Gdk::Rectangle is a structure holding the position and size of a rectangle. More...

class  RGBA
 An RGBA color. More...

class  Seat
 A Gdk::Seat object represents a collection of input devices that belong to a user. More...

class  Snapshot
 Base type for snapshot operations. More...

class  Surface
 Onscreen display areas in the target window system. More...

class  Texture
 Pixel data. More...

class  TimeCoord
 A Gdk::TimeCoord instance contains a single event of motion history. More...

class  Toplevel
 Interface for toplevel surfaces. More...

class  ToplevelLayout
 Information for presenting toplevels. More...

class  ToplevelSize
 Information for computing toplevel size. More...

class  ToplevelSurfaceImpl
 Gdk::ToplevelSurfaceImpl is a Gdk::Surface that implements the Gdk::Toplevel interface. More...



enum  InputSource {








 An enumeration describing the type of an input device in general terms. More...

enum  DragCancelReason {




 Used in Gdk::Drag to the reason of a cancelled DND operation. More...

enum  AxisFlags {

  AxisFlags::X = 0x2,

  AxisFlags::Y = 0x4,

  AxisFlags::DELTA_X = 0x8,

  AxisFlags::DELTA_Y = 0x10,

  AxisFlags::PRESSURE = 0x20,

  AxisFlags::XTILT = 0x40,

  AxisFlags::YTILT = 0x80,

  AxisFlags::WHEEL = 0x100,

  AxisFlags::DISTANCE = 0x200,

  AxisFlags::ROTATION = 0x400,

  AxisFlags::SLIDER = 0x800

 Flags describing the current capabilities of a device/tool. More...

enum  AxisUse {














 An enumeration describing the way in which a device axis (valuator) maps onto the predefined valuator types that GTK understands. More...

enum  CrossingMode {










 Specifies the crossing mode for enter and leave events. More...

enum  DragAction {

  DragAction::COPY = 1 << 0,

  DragAction::MOVE = 1 << 1,

  DragAction::LINK = 1 << 2,

  DragAction::ASK = 1 << 3

 Used in Gdk::Drop and Gdk::Drag to indicate the actions that the destination can and should do with the dropped data. More...

enum  Gravity {

  Gravity::NORTH_WEST = 1,










enum  ModifierType {

  ModifierType::SHIFT_MASK = 1 << 0,

  ModifierType::LOCK_MASK = 1 << 1,

  ModifierType::CONTROL_MASK = 1 << 2,

  ModifierType::ALT_MASK = 1 << 3,

  ModifierType::BUTTON1_MASK = 1 << 8,

  ModifierType::BUTTON2_MASK = 1 << 9,

  ModifierType::BUTTON3_MASK = 1 << 10,

  ModifierType::BUTTON4_MASK = 1 << 11,

  ModifierType::BUTTON5_MASK = 1 << 12,

  ModifierType::SUPER_MASK = 1 << 26,

  ModifierType::HYPER_MASK = 1 << 27,

  ModifierType::META_MASK = 1 << 28

 A set of bit-flags to indicate the state of modifier keys and mouse buttons in various event types. More...

enum  NotifyType {







 Specifies the kind of crossing for enter and leave events. More...

enum  ScrollDirection {






 Specifies the direction for scroll events. More...

enum  TouchpadGesturePhase {





 Specifies the current state of a touchpad gesture. More...

enum  KeyMatch {




 The possible return values from gdk_key_event_matches() describe how well an event matches a given keyval and modifiers. More...

enum  SubpixelLayout {







 This enumeration describes how the red, green and blue components of physical pixels on an output device are laid out. More...

enum  Colorspace { Colorspace::RGB }
 This enumeration defines the color spaces that are supported by the gdk-pixbuf library. More...

enum  InterpType {





 This enumeration describes the different interpolation modes that can be used with the scaling functions. More...

enum  AnchorHints {

  AnchorHints::FLIP_X = 1 << 0,

  AnchorHints::FLIP_Y = 1 << 1,

  AnchorHints::SLIDE_X = 1 << 2,

  AnchorHints::SLIDE_Y = 1 << 3,

  AnchorHints::RESIZE_X = 1 << 4,

  AnchorHints::RESIZE_Y = 1 << 5,

  AnchorHints::FLIP = 0x3,

  AnchorHints::SLIDE = 0xC,

  AnchorHints::RESIZE = 0x30

 Positioning hints for aligning a surface relative to a rectangle. More...

enum  SurfaceEdge {









 Determines a surface edge or corner. More...

enum  FullscreenMode {



 Indicates which monitor (in a multi-head setup) a surface should span over when in fullscreen mode. More...



AxisFlags operator| (AxisFlags lhs, AxisFlags rhs)
AxisFlags operator& (AxisFlags lhs, AxisFlags rhs)
AxisFlags operator^ (AxisFlags lhs, AxisFlags rhs)
AxisFlags operator~ (AxisFlags flags)
AxisFlagsoperator|= (AxisFlags& lhs, AxisFlags rhs)
AxisFlagsoperator&= (AxisFlags& lhs, AxisFlags rhs)
AxisFlagsoperator^= (AxisFlags& lhs, AxisFlags rhs)
DragAction operator| (DragAction lhs, DragAction rhs)
DragAction operator& (DragAction lhs, DragAction rhs)
DragAction operator^ (DragAction lhs, DragAction rhs)
DragAction operator~ (DragAction flags)
DragActionoperator|= (DragAction& lhs, DragAction rhs)
DragActionoperator&= (DragAction& lhs, DragAction rhs)
DragActionoperator^= (DragAction& lhs, DragAction rhs)
ModifierType operator| (ModifierType lhs, ModifierType rhs)
ModifierType operator& (ModifierType lhs, ModifierType rhs)
ModifierType operator^ (ModifierType lhs, ModifierType rhs)
ModifierType operator~ (ModifierType flags)
ModifierTypeoperator|= (ModifierType& lhs, ModifierType rhs)
ModifierTypeoperator&= (ModifierType& lhs, ModifierType rhs)
ModifierTypeoperator^= (ModifierType& lhs, ModifierType rhs)
FrameClock::Phase operator| (FrameClock::Phase lhs, FrameClock::Phase rhs)
FrameClock::Phase operator& (FrameClock::Phase lhs, FrameClock::Phase rhs)
FrameClock::Phase operator^ (FrameClock::Phase lhs, FrameClock::Phase rhs)
FrameClock::Phase operator~ (FrameClock::Phase flags)
FrameClock::Phaseoperator|= (FrameClock::Phase& lhs, FrameClock::Phase rhs)
FrameClock::Phaseoperator&= (FrameClock::Phase& lhs, FrameClock::Phase rhs)
FrameClock::Phaseoperator^= (FrameClock::Phase& lhs, FrameClock::Phase rhs)
Paintable::Flags operator| (Paintable::Flags lhs, Paintable::Flags rhs)
Paintable::Flags operator& (Paintable::Flags lhs, Paintable::Flags rhs)
Paintable::Flags operator^ (Paintable::Flags lhs, Paintable::Flags rhs)
Paintable::Flags operator~ (Paintable::Flags flags)
Paintable::Flagsoperator|= (Paintable::Flags& lhs, Paintable::Flags rhs)
Paintable::Flagsoperator&= (Paintable::Flags& lhs, Paintable::Flags rhs)
Paintable::Flagsoperator^= (Paintable::Flags& lhs, Paintable::Flags rhs)
AnchorHints operator| (AnchorHints lhs, AnchorHints rhs)
AnchorHints operator& (AnchorHints lhs, AnchorHints rhs)
AnchorHints operator^ (AnchorHints lhs, AnchorHints rhs)
AnchorHints operator~ (AnchorHints flags)
AnchorHintsoperator|= (AnchorHints& lhs, AnchorHints rhs)
AnchorHintsoperator&= (AnchorHints& lhs, AnchorHints rhs)
AnchorHintsoperator^= (AnchorHints& lhs, AnchorHints rhs)
Seat::Capabilities operator| (Seat::Capabilities lhs, Seat::Capabilities rhs)
Seat::Capabilities operator& (Seat::Capabilities lhs, Seat::Capabilities rhs)
Seat::Capabilities operator^ (Seat::Capabilities lhs, Seat::Capabilities rhs)
Seat::Capabilities operator~ (Seat::Capabilities flags)
Seat::Capabilitiesoperator|= (Seat::Capabilities& lhs, Seat::Capabilities rhs)
Seat::Capabilitiesoperator&= (Seat::Capabilities& lhs, Seat::Capabilities rhs)
Seat::Capabilitiesoperator^= (Seat::Capabilities& lhs, Seat::Capabilities rhs)
Toplevel::State operator| (Toplevel::State lhs, Toplevel::State rhs)
Toplevel::State operator& (Toplevel::State lhs, Toplevel::State rhs)
Toplevel::State operator^ (Toplevel::State lhs, Toplevel::State rhs)
Toplevel::State operator~ (Toplevel::State flags)
Toplevel::Stateoperator|= (Toplevel::State& lhs, Toplevel::State rhs)
Toplevel::Stateoperator&= (Toplevel::State& lhs, Toplevel::State rhs)
Toplevel::Stateoperator^= (Toplevel::State& lhs, Toplevel::State rhs)

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum Gdk::Gravity

The reference point is at the top left corner.

The top left corner.


The reference point is in the middle of the top edge.

The top edge.


The reference point is at the top right corner.

The top right corner.


The reference point is at the middle of the left edge.

The left edge.


The reference point is at the center of the surface.


The reference point is at the middle of the right edge.

The right edge.


The reference point is at the lower left corner.

The lower left corner.


The reference point is at the middle of the lower edge.

The lower edge.


The reference point is at the lower right corner.

The lower right corner.


The reference point is at the top left corner of the surface itself, ignoring window manager decorations.