gtkmm: Gtk::BitsetConstIter Class Reference

Alias: Gtk::Bitset::const_iterator. More...

#include <gtkmm/bitsetconstiter.h>

Public Types

using iterator_category = std::bidirectional_iterator_tag
using value_type = guint
using difference_type = int
using reference = value_type
using pointer = void

Public Member Functions

 BitsetConstIter (const BitsetConstIter& other)
BitsetConstIteroperator= (const BitsetConstIter& other)
 BitsetConstIter (BitsetConstIter&& other) noexcept
BitsetConstIteroperator= (BitsetConstIter&& other) noexcept
BitsetConstIteroperator++ ()
BitsetConstIter operator++ (int)
BitsetConstIteroperator-- ()
BitsetConstIter operator-- (int)
reference operator* () const
 operator bool () const noexcept
 Discovers whether the iterator is valid, and not equal to end(). More...

bool equal (const BitsetConstIter& other) const noexcept

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

bool operator== (const BitsetConstIter& lhs, const BitsetConstIter& rhs)
bool operator!= (const BitsetConstIter& lhs, const BitsetConstIter& rhs)

Detailed Description

Alias: Gtk::Bitset::const_iterator.

A BitsetConstIter is a reference to a specific element in a specific bitset.

This is a const_iterator. There is no way to modify the bitset via an iterator. For modifying the bitset, use methods in Gtk::Bitset.

See also
Since gtkmm 3.98:

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gtk::BitsetConstIter::BitsetConstIter ( const BitsetConstIter other)
Gtk::BitsetConstIter::BitsetConstIter ( BitsetConstIter&&  other)

Member Function Documentation

bool Gtk::BitsetConstIter::equal ( const BitsetConstIter other) const
Gtk::BitsetConstIter::operator bool ( ) const

Discovers whether the iterator is valid, and not equal to end().

For instance,

if (bitset_iter)
reference Gtk::BitsetConstIter::operator* ( ) const
BitsetConstIter& Gtk::BitsetConstIter::operator++ ( )
BitsetConstIter Gtk::BitsetConstIter::operator++ ( int  )
BitsetConstIter& Gtk::BitsetConstIter::operator-- ( )
BitsetConstIter Gtk::BitsetConstIter::operator-- ( int  )
BitsetConstIter& Gtk::BitsetConstIter::operator= ( const BitsetConstIter other)
BitsetConstIter& Gtk::BitsetConstIter::operator= ( BitsetConstIter&&  other)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool operator!= ( const BitsetConstIter lhs,
const BitsetConstIter rhs 
bool operator== ( const BitsetConstIter lhs,
const BitsetConstIter rhs