gtkmm: Gtk::AccelKey Class Reference

Defines accelerator key combinations. More...

#include <gtkmm/accelkey.h>

Public Member Functions

 AccelKey ()
 AccelKey (guint accel_key, Gdk::ModifierType accel_mods, const Glib::ustring& accel_path={})
 AccelKey constructor. More...

 AccelKey (const Glib::ustring& accelerator, const Glib::ustring& accel_path={})
 AccelKey constructor. More...

 AccelKey (const AccelKey& src)
AccelKeyoperator= (const AccelKey& src)
bool is_null () const
guint get_key () const
 Gets the accelerator key. More...

Gdk::ModifierType get_mod () const
 Gets the accelerator modifier. More...

Glib::ustring get_path () const
 Gets the accelerator path. More...

Glib::ustring get_abbrev () const
 Gets the accelerator representation for labels. More...


Protected Attributes

guint key_
Gdk::ModifierType mod_
Glib::ustring path_

Detailed Description

Defines accelerator key combinations.

For instance, pressing Control-Q to activate the File|Quit menu item.

By defining accelerator paths you can allow the user of your application to change accelerators himself. An example of an accelerator might be "<MainWindow>/File/Open". Modified accelerators may be saved.

Key values are the codes which are sent whenever a key is pressed or released. The complete list of key values can be found in the gdk/gdkkeysyms.h header file. They are prefixed with GDK_KEY_.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gtk::AccelKey::AccelKey ( )
Gtk::AccelKey::AccelKey ( guint  accel_key,
Gdk::ModifierType  accel_mods,
const Glib::ustring accel_path = {} 

AccelKey constructor.

accel_keyFor instance, 'q'
accel_modsFor instance, Gdk::ModifierType::CONTROL_MASK
accel_pathFor instance, "<MainWindow>/File/Open"
Gtk::AccelKey::AccelKey ( const Glib::ustring accelerator,
const Glib::ustring accel_path = {} 

AccelKey constructor.

acceleratorFor instance, "<control>q" - Use <control>, <shift>, <alt> and <release>. Use F1, F2, etc, for function keys.
accel_pathFor instance, "<MainWindow>/File/Open"
Gtk::AccelKey::AccelKey ( const AccelKey src)

Member Function Documentation

Glib::ustring Gtk::AccelKey::get_abbrev ( ) const

Gets the accelerator representation for labels.

guint Gtk::AccelKey::get_key ( ) const

Gets the accelerator key.

Gdk::ModifierType Gtk::AccelKey::get_mod ( ) const

Gets the accelerator modifier.

Glib::ustring Gtk::AccelKey::get_path ( ) const

Gets the accelerator path.

bool Gtk::AccelKey::is_null ( ) const
AccelKey& Gtk::AccelKey::operator= ( const AccelKey src)

Member Data Documentation

guint Gtk::AccelKey::key_
Gdk::ModifierType Gtk::AccelKey::mod_
Glib::ustring Gtk::AccelKey::path_