gtkmm: Gtk::TreeNodeChildren Class Reference

Typedefed as TreeModel::Children. More...

#include <gtkmm/treeiter.h>

Inheritance diagram for Gtk::TreeNodeChildren:

Public Types

using value_type = Gtk::TreeRow
using iterator = Gtk::TreeIter< Gtk::TreeRow >
- Public Types inherited from Gtk::TreeNodeConstChildren
using value_type = Gtk::TreeConstRow
using size_type = unsigned int
using difference_type = int
using const_iterator = Gtk::TreeIter< Gtk::TreeConstRow >

Public Member Functions

iterator begin ()
iterator end ()
value_type operator[] (size_type index)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Gtk::TreeNodeConstChildren
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const
const value_type operator[] (size_type index) const
size_type size () const
bool empty () const
 operator bool () const
 Discover whether this is a valid container. More...

- Public Member Functions inherited from Gtk::TreeIterBase
 TreeIterBase (const TreeIterBase& other) noexcept
TreeIterBaseoperator= (const TreeIterBase& other) noexcept
 TreeIterBase (TreeIterBase&& other) noexcept
TreeIterBaseoperator= (TreeIterBase&& other) noexcept
 TreeIterBase ()
 TreeIterBase (const GtkTreeIter* gobject)
GtkTreeIter* gobj ()
 Provides access to the underlying C instance. More...

const GtkTreeIter* gobj () const
 Provides access to the underlying C instance. More...


Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Gtk::TreeIterBase
static GType get_type ()
 Get the GType for this class, for use with the underlying GObject type system. More...

- Protected Attributes inherited from Gtk::TreeIterBase
GtkTreeIter gobject_

Detailed Description

Typedefed as TreeModel::Children.

Virtual container of TreeModel::Row items.

Member Typedef Documentation

Member Function Documentation

iterator Gtk::TreeNodeChildren::begin ( )
iterator Gtk::TreeNodeChildren::end ( )
value_type Gtk::TreeNodeChildren::operator[] ( size_type  index)