gtkmm: Gtk::RecentManager::Data Class Reference

Meta-data passed to add_item(). More...

#include <gtkmm/recentmanager.h>

Public Attributes

Glib::ustring display_name
Glib::ustring description
Glib::ustring mime_type
Glib::ustring app_name
Glib::ustring app_exec
std::vector< Glib::ustringgroups
bool is_private

Detailed Description

Meta-data passed to add_item().

You should use RecentManager::Data if you want to control the meta-data associated to an entry of the recently used files list when you are adding a new file to it.

  • display_name: the string to be used when displaying the file inside a RecentChooser
  • description: a user readable description of the file
  • mime_type: the mime type of the file
  • app_name: the name of the application that is registering the file
  • app_exec: the command line that should be used when launching the file
  • groups: the list of group names to which the file belongs to
  • is_private: whether the file should be displayed only by the applications that have registered it

Member Data Documentation

Glib::ustring Gtk::RecentManager::Data::app_exec
Glib::ustring Gtk::RecentManager::Data::app_name
Glib::ustring Gtk::RecentManager::Data::description
Glib::ustring Gtk::RecentManager::Data::display_name
std::vector<Glib::ustring> Gtk::RecentManager::Data::groups
bool Gtk::RecentManager::Data::is_private
Glib::ustring Gtk::RecentManager::Data::mime_type