Creating an Adjustment

The Gtk::Adjustment is created by its create() method which is as follows:

Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::Adjustment> Gtk::Adjustment::create(
  double value,
  double lower,
  double upper,
  double step_increment = 1,
  double page_increment = 10,
  double page_size = 0);

The value argument is the initial value of the adjustment, usually corresponding to the topmost or leftmost position of an adjustable widget. The lower and upper arguments specify the possible range of values which the adjustment can hold. The step_increment argument specifies the smaller of the two increments by which the user can change the value, while the page_increment is the larger one. The page_size argument usually corresponds somehow to the visible area of a panning widget. The upper argument is used to represent the bottommost or rightmost coordinate in a panning widget's child.