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I. Tutorial
Quick start guide
Building Grilo from sources
Testing Grilo
Compiling Grilo based programs
Environment Setup
Building Grilo
Compiling Grilo based programs
Running Grilo based programs
Debugging with Grilo
Writing applications with Grilo
Basic concepts
Typical use cases explained
Writing plugins for Grilo
Source plugins
Testing your plugins
II. Object Index
III. API Reference
grilo — Metadata library supporting several services
Plug-in management
GrlRegistry — Grilo plugins loader and manager
Data sources
GrlPlugin — Base class for Grilo Plugins
GrlSource — Abstract base class for sources
Capabilities and Options
GrlCaps — Describes the capabilities of a source for a given operation.
GrlOperationOptions — Describes the options to be passed to an operation
Search in multiple sources
Multiple — Search in multiple loaded sources
Configuring plug-ins
GrlConfig — Configuration data storage
Media data
GrlData — Low-level class for storing metadata information about media resources provided by GrlSource objects.
GrlRelatedKeys — A class where to store related metadata keys.
GrlMedia — A multimedia data transfer object
grl-metadata-key — General media key definition
grl-log — Log system
grl-util — utility functions
IV. Grilo Libraries
Grilo Net Classes
GrlNetWc — small and simple HTTP client
Grilo Playlist Functions
GrlPls — playlist handling functions
API Index
Index of deprecated API
Annotation Glossary