This document is the API reference for the Graphene library.

The latest version of Graphene, as well as the latest version of this API reference, is available online.

Point — A point with 2 coordinates
Point3D — A point with 3 coordinates
Size — Size representation
Rectangle — Rectangular shape type
Quad — Four-vertex quadrilateral
Triangle — A triangle described by 3D points
Box — Axis-aligned bounding box
Sphere — A sphere
Frustum — A 3D field of view
SIMD vector — Low level floating point 4-sized vector
SIMD matrix — Low level floating point 4 by 4 matrix
Vectors — Vectors in 2, 3, and 4 dimensions
Matrix — 4x4 matrices
Euler — Euler angles
Quaternion — Quaternion operations
Plane — A plane in 3D space
Ray — A ray emitted from an origin in a given direction
Versioning information — Detemining the version of Graphene in use
GObject integration — Types for GObject properties and signals
Object Hierarchy
API Index
Index of deprecated API
Index of new symbols in 1.0
Index of new symbols in 1.2
Index of new symbols in 1.4
Index of new symbols in 1.6
Annotation Glossary