gnome-keyring API Reference
Simple Password Storage — Store and lookup passwords with a set of attributes.
Keyrings — Listing and managing keyrings
Keyring Info — Keyring Information
Keyring Items — Keyring items each hold a secret and a number of attributes.
Item Information — Keyring Item Info
Item Attributes — Attributes of individual keyring items.
Item ACLs — Access control lists for keyring items.
Search Functionality — Find Keyring Items
Network Passwords — Saving of network passwords.
Non-pageable Memory — Secure Non-pageable Memory
Result Codes — Gnome Keyring Result Codes
Miscellaneous Functions — Miscellaneous functions.
Daemon Management Functions — Functions used by session to run the Gnome Keyring Daemon.
Callbacks — Different callbacks for retrieving async results
Annotation Glossary