glibmm: Glib::OptionEntry Class Reference

An OptionEntry defines a single option. More...

#include <glibmm/optionentry.h>

Public Types

Public Member Functions

 OptionEntry ()
 OptionEntry (const OptionEntry& src)
 OptionEntry (OptionEntry&& other) noexcept
OptionEntryoperator= (OptionEntry&& other) noexcept
virtual ~OptionEntry ()
OptionEntryoperator= (const OptionEntry& src)
Glib::ustring get_long_name () const
void set_long_name (const Glib::ustring& value)
gchar get_short_name () const
void set_short_name (const gchar& value)
Flags get_flags () const
void set_flags (const Flags& value)
 Set one or more OptionEntry::Flags. More...

Glib::ustring get_description () const
void set_description (const Glib::ustring& value)
Glib::ustring get_arg_description () const
void set_arg_description (const Glib::ustring& value)
GOptionEntry* gobj ()
const GOptionEntry* gobj () const

Protected Attributes

GOptionEntry* gobject_

Detailed Description

An OptionEntry defines a single option.

To have an effect, it must be added to an OptionGroup with OptionGroup::add_entry().

The long name of an option can be used to specify it in a commandline as –long_name. Every option must have a long name. To resolve conflicts if multiple option groups contain the same long name, it is also possible to specify the option as –groupname-long_name.

If an option has a short name, it can be specified as -short_name in a commandline.

The description for the option is shown in the –help output.

The arg_descripton is the placeholder to use for the extra argument parsed by the option in –help output.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Glib::OptionEntry::OptionEntry ( )
Glib::OptionEntry::OptionEntry ( const OptionEntry src)
Glib::OptionEntry::OptionEntry ( OptionEntry&&  other)
virtual Glib::OptionEntry::~OptionEntry ( )

Member Function Documentation

Glib::ustring Glib::OptionEntry::get_arg_description ( ) const
Glib::ustring Glib::OptionEntry::get_description ( ) const
Flags Glib::OptionEntry::get_flags ( ) const
Glib::ustring Glib::OptionEntry::get_long_name ( ) const
gchar Glib::OptionEntry::get_short_name ( ) const
GOptionEntry* Glib::OptionEntry::gobj ( )
const GOptionEntry* Glib::OptionEntry::gobj ( ) const
OptionEntry& Glib::OptionEntry::operator= ( OptionEntry&&  other)
OptionEntry& Glib::OptionEntry::operator= ( const OptionEntry src)
void Glib::OptionEntry::set_arg_description ( const Glib::ustring value)
void Glib::OptionEntry::set_description ( const Glib::ustring value)
void Glib::OptionEntry::set_flags ( const Flags value)

Set one or more OptionEntry::Flags.

Do not set Flags::FILENAME. Character encoding is chosen when the OptionEntry is added to an OptionGroup.

void Glib::OptionEntry::set_long_name ( const Glib::ustring value)
void Glib::OptionEntry::set_short_name ( const gchar &  value)

Member Data Documentation

GOptionEntry* Glib::OptionEntry::gobject_