This document is for libgdl version 3.22.0 . The latest versions can be found online at

I. API Reference
Core Classes
GdlDockObject — Base class for all dock objects
GdlDockMaster — Manage all dock widgets
GdlDockLayout — save and restore dock widgets.
GdlDock — A docking area widget.
GdlDockNotebook — Arrange dock widgets in a tabbed notebook
GdlDockPaned — Arrange dock widget in two adjustable panes
GdlDockItem — Adds docking capability to its child widget.
GdlDockBar — A docking bar
Private Classes
GdlDockItemGrip — A grip for dock widgets.
GdlDockItemButtonImage — A widget displaying an image used in dock grip
GdlPreviewWindow — show destination docking site.
GdlSwitcher — An improved notebook widget.
Deprecated Classes
GdlDockPlaceHolder — A widget marking a docking place.
GdlDockTablabel — A custom label widget.
API Index
Annotation Glossary