Emmanuele Bassi




This manual documents the 0.12.0 release of the Dictionary Library for GNOME 2.x

I. Introduction
II. The GNOME Dictionary Library
Dictionary Context
GdictContext — Interface for dictionary transports
Context Implementations
GdictClientContext — DICT client transport
Dictionary Source
GdictSource — A dictionary source definition
GdictSourceLoader — Loader object for a set of dictionary sources
Gdict Utilities
Gdict Utilities
Gdict Version Checking
III. The GNOME Dictionary Library Widgets
Base widgets
GdictDefbox — Display the list of definitions for a word
GdictSpeller — Display matching words
Advanced widgets
GdictDatabaseChooser — Display the list of available databases
GdictStrategyChooser — Display a list of matching strategies
GdictSourceChooser — Display the list of available sources
Index of deprecated symbols
Index of new symbols in 0.10
Index of new symbols in 0.12
Annotation Glossary