for GData 0.17.1 .

I. GData Overview
GData Overview — overview of libgdata's architecture
Running GData Applications — running and debugging GData applications
Object Hierarchy
II. Core API
Core API
Version Information — Macros to check the libgdata version
GDataService — GData service object
GDataQuery — GData query object
GDataFeed — GData feed object
GDataEntry — GData entry object
GData Types — miscellaneous data types
GDataParsable — GData parsable object
GDataDownloadStream — GData download stream object
GDataUploadStream — GData upload stream object
GDataComparable — GData comparable interface
Access Control List API
GDataAccessHandler — GData access handler interface
GDataAccessRule — GData access rule object
Batch Operation API
GDataBatchable — GData batch service interface
GDataBatchOperation — GData batch operation object
Authentication/Authorization API
GDataAuthorizer — GData authorization interface
GDataAuthorizationDomain — GData authorization domain
GDataClientLoginAuthorizer — GData ClientLogin authorization interface
GDataGoaAuthorizer — GData GOA authorization interface
GDataOAuth1Authorizer — GData OAuth 1.0 authorization interface
GDataOAuth2Authorizer — GData OAuth 2.0 authorization interface
Comment API
GDataCommentable — GData commentable interface
GDataComment — GData comment object
III. Namespace API
Atom API
GDataAuthor — Atom author element
GDataCategory — Atom category element
GDataGenerator — Atom generator element
GDataLink — Atom link element
Atom Publishing Protocol API
GDataAPPCategories — GData APP categories object
GDataGDEmailAddress — GData e-mail address element
GDataGDIMAddress — GData instant messaging address element
GDataGDName — GData name element
GDataGDOrganization — GData organization element
GDataGDPhoneNumber — GData phone number element
GDataGDPostalAddress — GData postal address element
GDataGDReminder — GData reminder element
GDataGDWhen — GData when element
GDataGDWhere — GData where element
GDataGDWho — GData who element
GContact API
GDataGContactCalendar — gContact calendar element
GDataGContactEvent — gContact event element
GDataGContactExternalID — gContact externalId element
GDataGContactJot — gContact jot element
GDataGContactLanguage — gContact language element
GDataGContactRelation — gContact relation element
GDataGContactWebsite — gContact website element
GDataMediaCategory — Media RSS category element
GDataMediaContent — Media RSS content element
GDataMediaCredit — Media RSS credit element
GDataMediaThumbnail — Media RSS thumbnail element
YouTube API
GDataYouTubeCategory — YouTube category element
GDataYouTubeContent — YouTube content element
GDataYouTubeCredit — YouTube credit element
GDataYouTubeState — YouTube state element
IV. Service APIs
YouTube API
GDataYouTubeService — GData YouTube service object
GDataYouTubeFeed — GData YouTube feed object
GDataYouTubeQuery — GData YouTube query object
GDataYouTubeVideo — GData YouTube video object
GDataYouTubeComment — GData YouTube comment object
Google Calendar API
GDataCalendarService — GData Calendar service object
GDataCalendarFeed — GData Calendar feed object
GDataCalendarQuery — GData Calendar query object
GDataCalendarCalendar — GData Calendar calendar object
GDataCalendarEvent — GData Calendar event object
Google Contacts API
GDataContactsService — GData Contacts service object
GDataContactsQuery — GData Contacts query object
GDataContactsContact — GData Contacts contact object
GDataContactsGroup — GData Contacts group object
Google Documents API
GDataDocumentsService — GData Documents service object
GDataDocumentsFeed — GData documents feed object
GDataDocumentsQuery — GData Documents query object
GDataDocumentsUploadQuery — GData Documents upload query object
GDataDocumentsEntry — GData document object abstract class
GDataDocumentsDocument — GData documents document object
GDataDocumentsFolder — GData documents folder object
GDataDocumentsDrawing — GData Documents drawing object
GDataDocumentsPdf — GData Documents pdf object
GDataDocumentsPresentation — GData documents presentation object
GDataDocumentsSpreadsheet — GData Documents spreadsheet object
GDataDocumentsText — GData Documents text object
Google PicasaWeb API
GDataPicasaWebService — GData PicasaWeb service object
GDataPicasaWebFeed — GData PicasaWeb Feed object
GDataPicasaWebQuery — GData PicasaWeb query object
GDataPicasaWebAlbum — GData PicasaWeb album object
GDataPicasaWebFile — GData PicasaWeb file object
GDataPicasaWebUser — GData PicasaWeb User object
GDataPicasaWebComment — GData PicasaWeb comment object
Google Tasks API
GDataTasksService — GData Tasks service object
GDataTasksQuery — GData Tasks query object
GDataTasksTasklist — GData Tasks tasklist object
GDataTasksTask — GData Tasks task object
Google Freebase API
GDataFreebaseService — GData Freebase service object
GDataFreebaseQuery — GData Freebase query object
GDataFreebaseResult — GData Freebase result object
GDataFreebaseTopicQuery — GData Freebase topic query object
GDataFreebaseTopicResult — GData Freebase topic result object
GDataFreebaseSearchQuery — GData Freebase query object
GDataFreebaseSearchResult — GData Freebase search result object
V. Appendices
API Index
Index of deprecated symbols
Index of new symbols in 0.1.1
Index of new symbols in 0.2.0
Index of new symbols in 0.3.0
Index of new symbols in 0.4.0
Index of new symbols in 0.5.0
Index of new symbols in 0.6.0
Index of new symbols in 0.7.0
Index of new symbols in 0.8.0
Index of new symbols in 0.9.0
Index of new symbols in 0.9.1
Index of new symbols in 0.10.0
Index of new symbols in 0.11.0
Index of new symbols in 0.13.0
Index of new symbols in 0.13.1
Index of new symbols in 0.13.3
Index of new symbols in 0.13.4
Index of new symbols in 0.15.0
Index of new symbols in 0.15.1
Index of new symbols in 0.16.0
Index of new symbols in 0.17.0
Annotation Glossary