Part X. Deprecated Classes

Table of Contents

ClutterAlpha — A class for calculating a value as a function of time
Implicit Animations — Simple implicit animations
ClutterAnimator — Multi-actor tweener
ClutterBehaviour — Class for providing behaviours to actors
ClutterBehaviourDepth — A behaviour controlling the Z position
ClutterBehaviourEllipse — A behaviour interpolating position along an ellipse
ClutterBehaviourOpacity — A behaviour controlling opacity
ClutterBehaviourPath — A behaviour for moving actors along a ClutterPath
ClutterBehaviourRotate — A behaviour controlling rotation
ClutterBehaviourScale — A behaviour controlling scale
ClutterBox — A Generic layout container
ClutterCairoTexture — Texture with Cairo integration
ClutterGroup — A fixed layout container
ClutterRectangle — An actor that displays a simple rectangle.
ClutterScore — Controller for multiple timelines
Shaders — Programmable pipeline abstraction
ClutterState — State machine with animated transitions
ClutterTableLayout — A layout manager arranging children in rows and columns
ClutterTexture — An actor for displaying and manipulating images.