Part VII. Clutter Backends

Clutter is usually compiled against a specific drawing backend. All backends have a common API for querying the underlying platform, and some of them might have specific API exposed by Clutter.

Table of Contents

ClutterBackend — Backend abstraction
X11 Specific Support — X11 specific API
ClutterX11TexturePixmap — A texture which displays the content of an X Pixmap.
ClutterGLXTexturePixmap — A texture which displays the content of an X Pixmap
Win32 Specific Support — Win32 specific API
EGL Specific Support — EGL specific API
Intel CE3100, CE4100 Specific Support — Intel CE3100, CE4100 Specific API
GDK Specific Support — GDK specific API
Wayland specific support — Wayland specific API
Wayland compositor specific support — Wayland compositor specific APIs
ClutterWaylandSurface — An actor which displays the content of a client surface
clutter-mir — Mir specific API