clutter-gtkmm: clutter-gtkmm Reference Manual


clutter-gtkmm is a C++ wrapper for clutter-gtk, allowing you to use cluttermm with gtkmm windows and widgets. See the Clutter::Gtk::Embed widget.

Basic Usage

Include the clutter-gtkmm header:

#include <clutter-gtkmm.h>

(You may include individual headers, such as clutter-gtkmm/viewport.h instead.)

If your source file is, you can compile it with:

g++ -o program `pkg-config --cflags --libs clutter-gtkmm-1.0`

Alternatively, if using autoconf, use the following in

PKG_CHECK_MODULES([CLUTTER_GTKMM], [clutter-gtkmm-1.0])

Then use the generated CLUTTER_GTKMM_CFLAGS and CLUTTER_GTKMM_LIBS variables in the project files. For example: