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Clutter Gst Overview
Clutter content objects
ClutterGstContentA ClutterContent for displaying video frames.
ClutterGstAspectratioA ClutterContent for displaying video frames with respect to their aspect ratio.
ClutterGstCropA ClutterContent for displaying part of video frames
ClutterGst players
ClutterGstPlayer — An interface for controlling playback of media data
ClutterGstCamera — A player of camera streams.
ClutterGstCameraDevice — GObject representing a camera device using GStreamer.
ClutterGstPlaybackA ClutterGstPlayback to play media streams
ClutterGst sink
Video Sink — A video sink for integrating a GStreamer pipeline with a Cogl pipeline.
ClutterGst utils
Utilities — Utility functions for Clutter-Gst.
Versioning Macros — Versioning Macros
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