org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Device.Modem — Modem Device


PropertiesChanged (a{sv} properties);


ModemCapabilities    readable   u
CurrentCapabilities  readable   u
DeviceId             readable   s
OperatorCode         readable   s
Apn                  readable   s


Signal Details

The "PropertiesChanged" signal

PropertiesChanged (a{sv} properties);

DEPRECATED. Use the standard "PropertiesChanged" signal from "org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties" instead which exists since version NetworkManager 1.2.0.

a{sv} properties:

A dictionary mapping property names to variant boxed values

Property Details

The "ModemCapabilities" property

ModemCapabilities  readable   u

The generic family of access technologies the modem supports. Not all capabilities are available at the same time however; some modems require a firmware reload or other reinitialization to switch between eg CDMA/EVDO and GSM/UMTS.

Returns: NMDeviceModemCapabilities

The "CurrentCapabilities" property

CurrentCapabilities  readable   u

The generic family of access technologies the modem currently supports without a firmware reload or reinitialization.

Returns: NMDeviceModemCapabilities

The "DeviceId" property

DeviceId  readable   s

An identifier used by the modem backend (ModemManager) that aims to uniquely identify the a device. Can be used to match a connection to a particular device.

Since: 1.20

The "OperatorCode" property

OperatorCode  readable   s

The MCC and MNC (concatenated) of the network the modem is connected to. Blank if disconnected or not a 3GPP modem.

Since: 1.20

The "Apn" property

Apn  readable   s

The access point name the modem is connected to. Blank if disconnected.

Since: 1.20