org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Device.Generic — Unrecognized Device


PropertiesChanged (a{sv} properties);


HwAddress        readable   s
TypeDescription  readable   s


Signal Details

The "PropertiesChanged" signal

PropertiesChanged (a{sv} properties);

DEPRECATED. Use the standard "PropertiesChanged" signal from "org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties" instead which exists since version NetworkManager 1.2.0.

a{sv} properties:

A dictionary mapping property names to variant boxed values

Property Details

The "HwAddress" property

HwAddress  readable   s

Hardware address of the device. n DEPRECATED. Use the "HwAddress" property in "org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Device" instead which exists since version NetworkManager 1.24.0.

The "TypeDescription" property

TypeDescription  readable   s

A (non-localized) description of the interface type, if known.